Last week, we gave you some tips on how to successfully acquire new client business for your small law firm by integrating technology and your own personal touch. 

This week, it’s time to address the way-too-familiar issues of internal efficiency and spending too much time on admin tasks.

Challenge #2: Lack of Internal Efficiency & Spending Too Much Time on Admin Tasks

Here are some statistics from the Thomson Reuters study that addressed challenges facing small law firms:

  • Among all respondents, 54% indicated a lack of internal efficiency as a problem.
  • Among all respondents, 69% identified spending too much time on administrative tasks as a challenge.
  • On average, 31% of all respondents’ time was spent on something other than actually practicing law.

Most small law firms don’t have the luxury of having a non-lawyer support staff to juggle and support core business functions like invoicing, payroll, billing, and accounting. Other administrative tasks vital to the success of law firms are call handling, legal intake, and appointment scheduling. It’s no wonder 31% of lawyers spend too much time on tasks that are something other than actually practicing law—they have to do it all themselves, which is by no means efficient.

This is problematic considering these are the tasks that capture leads and drive business success. Allocating time to these tasks is absolutely imperative to the success of your small law firm. A growing law office will have clients who call frequently with questions, messages and requests. Without a proper system in place for admin tasks and call-handling, important information can potentially be recorded incorrectly or lost. Or worse, calls might be left unanswered with leads being lost forever.

Finding time can seem nearly impossible. We get it. Our greatest piece of advice: if you can’t make the time, let someone else.

The Solution: Hire a Professional Intake Service for Your Small Law Firm

It’s simple. There is really no better solution for your small law firm.

Hiring a professional intake service is worth the investment. It can help you overcome those pesky issues of internal efficiency and spending way too much time on admin tasks. Focus on practicing law again, and leave the administrative tasks to someone else. It’ll easily pay for itself in the long run, once you see more and more leads captured and turned into paying clients.

Try Alert Communications

Alert Communications can help you overcome these challenges facing your small law firm. Alert has been turning callers into clients since 1965 and services thousands of law firms. We are essentially a seamless extension of your firm. Not to mention, all of our intake and contract services are completely customizable to your needs. Our abandon rate is below three percent, and we even call back hang-ups.

Don’t miss out on any more leads due to not having an army of non-lawyer support. Let us be your army! For more information, visit us at or call 844-694-6825.