A study by Thomson Reuters addressed challenges facing small law firms, the most major being:

  • Acquiring new client business
  • Lack of internal efficiency and spending too much time on admin tasks

Anything stand out? These challenges have nothing to do with practicing law. They have to do with running a business. But don’t sweat it! We know you went to law school; you don’t need an MBA to figure out how to run your firm. We’re here to provide you with expert tips to help you overcome these obstacles so you can focus on what you do best.

This week, we’ll teach you how successfully acquire new client business. Next week, in part two, we will address the familiar issues of internal efficiency and spending too much time on admin tasks.

Challenge #1: Acquiring New Client Business

In order to survive, every law firm needs to continually acquire new clients—they are the lifeblood, the vital spark. Without clients, there is no business.

Today, small law firms are grasping and competing for market share. According to the same study, more than two-thirds of respondents perceived “other law firms of a similar size” as their greatest competitors, and almost half saw larger firms as strong competition. Few respondents viewed DIY websites, which aid potential clients in representing themselves, as a threat. However, this legal self-help shouldn’t be ignored. The reality is it’s on the rise and could possibly be the greatest threat of all. DIY law firm websites are creating a savvy new pool of legal consumers—ones who simply won’t be seeking out a traditional law firm.

The Solution: Make Your Small Law Firm Stand Out!

So what can small law firms do to differentiate themselves and appeal to new clients?

According to Forbes, the future of legal services is “in the palm of your hand,” which could be why the DIY route seems so intriguing. To take advantage of this, small law firms should jump on the opportunity to use technology as a tool to attract and engage potential clients.

Fortunately, small firms have a huge advantage—a personal touch. You have the ability to meet with the client in person to satisfy all of their needs. This is a value that DIY websites do not and cannot possess. The firms that figure out how to combine cutting-edge, streamline technology with the unparalleled, personable expertise of a real-life lawyer are the firms that will succeed in attracting the most clients.

Likewise, it’s imperative to follow up and provide excellent customer service as well as have an efficient intake system in place to capture those leads and turn them into paying customers. As a small law firm, it can be hard to balance all of these tasks. Once you differentiate your firm by integrating technology and maintaining a personal touch, you may not have enough people in your firm to answer all the calls flooding in. Not a bad problem to have, right?

For a lot of small law firms, hiring a legal intake service to become an extension of their office has made a world of difference when it comes to acquiring new client business and turning leads into paying clients.

Alert Stands Out

And we want to help you stand out! Alert Communications knows technology, and we are experts at combining it with good customer service. We utilize our advanced technologies to answer calls when you can’t and help you capture every single lead that comes your way, all while creating personal experience for your clients, creating that personal touch. For more information, visit us at https://www.alertcommunications.com or call 844-694-6825.