There are hundreds of phone receptionist services in the U.S. that guarantee they’ll answer your business phones in a professional and courteous manner. But is that really all a legal receptionist needs to do

The person who answers the phones for your law firm should know legal terminology and processes.

Receptionists Trained in Legal Terminology Convey Better Information

To a layperson, attempting to transcribe a doctor’s notes with no medical background can be a daunting task. A mix-up could cause problems for the patient and might even lead to a medical malpractice case.

The same can be said for lawyers – if a receptionist tries to take messages full of legal terms and they don’t have a basic understanding of those terms, the receptionist might poorly communicate the purpose and message of the call. And it might not reflect well on your firm if the person answering its phone calls seems like a legal novice. A good receptionist can deal with the clients of probate lawyers who might have a lot of experience.

A receptionist trained in legal terminology and processes, on the other hand, can converse with clients or others who call your firm more intelligently and can communicate information more accurately. It’s easier to take notes and convey information about a subject you understand, rather than trying to interpret unfamiliar legal terms or a foreign concept. When you receptionist is trained, it is easier to get clients as they will communicate with them effectively like the where it is easy to hire a lawyer for your needs.

Think about every time you’ve had to explain concepts like probate, serving papers, and appeals to your clients. Now imagine what would happen if your receptionist had no idea what these terms meant, but had to answer a client’s questions about them. It might not go very well.

Improve Your Phone Messages with Trained Receptionists

Moving your law firm’s phone answering out-of-house and to an intake call center service can help you save money and ensure someone is always on-hand to answer your calls. If you’re considering making the move, make sure you’re getting the same level of knowledge and professionalism as you would with a personally-trained, in-house secretary.

At Alert Communications, we let our clients specify a wide variety of phone-related matters to ensure we give the best representation of their company at all times. This includes customized scripts for new client leads and more. Our legal virtual receptionists are familiar with legal terminology related to your area of law so they can speak with clients and accurately process leads and relay messages.

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