In last week’s post, we discussed the millennial generation’s needs for immediate gratification and how to satisfy those needs. Now you know how to communicate with them on an emotional level.

This week, we will teach you how millennials function and communicate in the digital world.

We’ll help you reach the millennials—all 80 million of them.

Millennials Do Their Research

Millennials are a different type of consumer. They are connected, and they never forget to do their research. Unlike generations before them, they have the world at their fingertips—literally; they have a plethora of information inside their iPhones and they know how to use it. If a millennial is injured and needs to find a law firm, the first thing they will do is a Google search.

They pay special attention to reviews. According to Forbes, millennials are very trusting of what real people, like their friends and networks, have to say about a business or brand. To reach (and keep) this generation in the interconnected mobile world, encourage online reviews from your clients. This way, when a millennial searches your firm, they will know what other people are saying. If the feedback is positive, they are much more likely to go to your firm’s website and eventually pick up the phone and make a call.

They also pay close attention to aesthetics when searching through the internet, so you should also make sure your digital marketing is on point. Clean up your website so it is aesthetically pleasing and easy to click through in a hurry. It’s also important to keep your social media current and engaging. Create a sparkling online presence so millennials are instantly drawn to you. If not, your website will be a tab they close forever!

Millennials Are Tech Savvy

… and they don’t want to talk to you. According to a legal trends report, your millennial clients are looking for your firm to engage in text and email communications. They’d rather communicate that way rather than over the phone or face-to-face.

This can all seem daunting. For the less tech-savvy lawyers out there, don’t panic!  Try to meet your clients halfway on their digital expectations. Millennials want fast and convenient, and that means using their phones and computers as much as possible. If texting is not for you, just stick to “old-fashioned” email.

Alert Is Tech-Savvy!

Alert Communications can help make a great first impression to millennials with a variety cutting edge technology. Using our new contract services, we can text contracts instantly to your potential client turning them into an actual client. Once they are signed up we can also send a welcome email on your firm’s behalf, giving them the attention millennials crave. We want to help you make the best first impression possible.

With our online lead response, we can live answer calls in three rings and immediately respond with outbound calls for web form, chat and text leads. For more information visit us at or call 844-694-6825.