Law firms rely heavily on phone calls when acquiring new clients. They also have potential to lose a lot of money if unable to respond immediately.

Using a 24/7 attorney answering service guarantees that all calls are answered on the spot to maximize inbound call flow and increase the bottom line.

Attorney answering services increase business and decrease in-house labor costs. With an attorney answering service, office receptionists are freed from the phones to focus on administrative duties and monetary issues. Law firms can outsource receptionist services for a lower rate and have live answering services after hours and on the weekends when higher call volumes are likely due to accidents, crime, and other unfortunate events. Not only can attorney answering services share information over the phone, but also quickly through text messages, live chat, and emails.

Law firms also benefit from using bilingual attorney answering services to cater to all potential clients. When Spanish speakers call a law firm and are able to communicate in their native language, they will feel understood and valued knowing your firm has shown respect for their language and culture. Agents receive high-quality training on all of the law firm’s procedures in order to gather pertinent information from callers. With a 24/7 attorney answering service, phone tag is eliminated and questions are answered on the spot. This can potentially increase business by 20-30%. The best attorney answering service will have agents who are friendly, highly competent, and leave the caller feeling cared for by the end of the conversation.

Frances Starr, Director of Sales & Marketing for Alert Communications. Alert Communications provides 24/7 call answering support.