It may only be October, but the holidays linger in the air – what strategy does your business have in place for this season’s customer care?

Having some extra customer support surrounding pre and post holiday hustle and bustle pays off immensely. Not only will you be providing new and existing clients with consistent high quality, you will also cut down on employee stress and increase your revenue.

The first item to consider is how orders will be placed throughout the season. By phone? Email? Online order form? A call center provides highly trained agents to handle increased order volume. Call center agents will efficiently and accurately place and manage orders as well as cross sell and upsell your products or services. Agents are also available to answer questions about shipment status, product details, new inventory, holiday specials, and other important information before, during, and after regular business hours.

Post holiday customer service is just as important if not more so – business owners know to expect a high number of returns, exchanges, and various questions about product care, set up, or problems encountered. Strengthen your customer service department with a team of trained virtual receptionists. Virtual receptionists follow customized protocol to handle each situation appropriately, just as a member of your own company would.

Call center and virtual receptionist services are an extension of your business, used to reinforce your own staff during heavy call times. Virtual receptionists will answer the phone professionally and courteously, greeting callers with your business name and following customized scripts that you provide.

Consult with your team before you’re in over your heads – virtual receptionists save time, stress, and money during the profitable but sometimes trying holiday season.