When searching for legal services, prospective clients are not going to waste time persistently contacting an unresponsive firm. If you don’t respond or follow up immediately, potential leads will move on the next firm, hurting your conversion rate and decreasing your marketing return on investment (ROI).

In order to increase marketing conversions, you must strive to turn a lead into a client on the first contact attempt. For legal teams who already bear a heavy workload, the prospect of trying to make contact with every lead that calls, emails, or submits an inquiry online can be daunting. They need support and assistance to increase their legal conversions.

Converting leads into paying customers

The answer to this common dilemma is acquiring contract services to help you capture and sign all qualified leads on the initial contact, thus improving your firm’s overall legal client conversion. There are two primary responsibilities that can be turned over to legal contract services to supplement your own offerings and greatly improve your marketing impact.

Overseeing inbound response/call services

The first step to client conversions is capturing each qualified lead as quickly as possible. As the lead is scoping out your law firm, they are interested in the variety and quality of services you offer that could be suitable for their specific situation. But they also care about timeliness, accessibility and feeling heard and understood. You can optimize your response to incoming calls in several ways, including:

  • Having a dedicated intake specialist
  • Utilizing an advanced phone system
  • Answering calls with an immediate live response
  • Promptly following up any form of contact with a phone call
  • Practicing excellent legal phone etiquette

As part of our legal contract services, Alert Communications closely monitors leads and provides a live response, regardless of how the leads were generated. Whether a lead is responding to a television or radio ad, billboard, social media post, online ad, or dead list campaign, Alert Communications prioritizes timeliness, consistency, personalization, diligence and organization to support your law firm and improve your client conversion rate.

Incorporating contract delivery/e-sign

Once you have provided a timely response to prospective clients, you must be prepared to help them easily and conveniently close the deal. It’s ideal if you can get a contract delivered to and signed by the client on the initial call. Doing so prevents them from shopping around to other law firms and losing interest in your services, consequently increasing your chances of conversion.

Fortunately, the technology exists to aid in this effort. And it can be easily incorporated into your intake process, especially if you are utilizing contract services. As the name implies, e-sign is a method for digitally sending and signing contracts that became a legitimate part of doing business around the turn of the century. While the federal ESIGN Act does not permit every document to be signed in this fashion, it does cover retainer agreements, which is a significant advantage for law firms.

E-signing is convenient for both you and the prospective client, in addition to being safe, secure, and cost-effective. Your firm no longer has to wait to send or fax retainer agreements to prospective clients, but can quickly formalize the lawyer-client relationship by having the documents digitally transmitted.

Acquiring legal contract services for your firm

Your attorneys and legal staff have enough to worry about and devote their time and talent to without trying to stay on top of all incoming leads. Many of their responsibilities can’t be transferred to an outside agency, but increasing law firm conversions can be. By providing call services, responding to leads, and using e-sign technology, contract services can make your intake process smoother and more successful. By combining their expert intake services with the ability to text contracts on the initial call, Alert Communications boosts your firm’s ability to capture every qualified lead and maximize your ROI.