If your business does not offer good customer service, people will hear about it. In today’s always-connected world, a confusing phone call or rude interaction can become a viral sensation within minutes.

Your customers talk about your customer service, both in person and on social media. If you want those comments to be positive ones, consider these four attributes of good customer service and then implement them in your business.

1. Great Communicator

For many customers, there is nothing worse than confusing policies, unclear ordering procedures, uncertainty about how you are going to handle their account, or an endless automated answering system.

Be upfront, keep your customers in the loop, and make it easy for them to talk to you. Use plain, direct language, and train your staff to do the same.

Remember that listening to your customers is just as important as talking to them – if you cannot listen to their initial problem, you will not have the information to help them once it is your turn to talk.

2. Handles the Unexpected

While your business may get the same routine calls or customer service requests day in and day out, prepare for the curve-balls. Make sure your staff knows how to handle an odd request or unusual case. Make sure they know how to find an answer, handle the call, and/or where to get help.

And this goes back to being a good communicator – make sure you can explain to the consumer what the problem is and what you are doing to address it.

You can even ensure your customer service reps have scripts or instructions for a variety of scenarios, as well as contact information for other persons or departments that can help.

3. Follows Up After Initial Contact

Customer service doesn’t end when the initial conversation does. Follow up with the client or customer via another phone call or email. Continue to address any problems the customer presented. Send regular updates on the client’s case or account. Quickly respond to any subsequent communication from the client.

Customer service is about more than direct interactions with customers. It requires providing consistent service at all times, not just when they have a question or complaint.

4. Regularly Reviews and Adapts Customer Service Methods

Many businesses develop a customer service system and never change it. This can lead to stagnant or outdated customer service that doesn’t measure up to your competition or fails to address flaws. Take time to regularly get feedback from clients, customers, and your staff. Figure out what is working, what is not, and what you can improve.

For example, if your voice prompt system is causing too much confusion and dropped calls, it may be time to consider a new intake call solution.

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