Potential clients seeking legal assistance have a plethora of options to look at before settling on a law firm. How, then, do you get them to choose your firm instead of the competition?  

How do you ensure you can attract new clients and bring them down the sales funnel while at the same time adequately addressing the needs of your current clients?  

It can prove challenging and time-consuming. Fortunately, there is an easier way to monitor and nurture potential new clients: Alert Communications’ Smart Lead Tracking service. 

In general, working with a legal call center frees up valuable time, allowing you to focus on practicing law and taking care of other core functions of your law firm that are vital for growth. Smart Lead Tracking ensures you maintain an updated pipeline of new client leads since they can’t always be converted on the first communication. 

How exactly does this service work, and what are the benefits? Read on to learn more. 

What is Smart Lead Tracking? 

Alert Communications’ Smart Lead Tracking system is designed to send a notification back to Alert as soon as a potential client fills out a form on your website, Facebook, LinkedIn or Google page.  

So while you are busy taking care of current clients and other revenue-generating tasks, these leads are automatically assigned to one of our intake specialists who makes an outbound call, sends a text message or an email (or all of the above) to the potential client on your firm’s behalf. How soon that takes place, the method intake specialists use to reach out to potential clients and when to send follow-ups depends on your preferred method of communication and schedule. 

If the call gets disconnected for any reason, our system recognizes what stage the lead is in, making it easier for the next intake specialist to continue the conversation right where it left off. 

How Smart Lead Tracking Benefits Your Law Firm 

There are three main ways Smart Lead Tracking benefits your law firm. 

1. Saves Time 

When you spend time answering calls, responding to web forms and attempting to nurture leads while also juggling current clients and cases, you waste billable hours and lose leads in the process. According to the Clio 2020 Legal Trends Report, lawyers spend almost 70% of their time on activities that don’t generate any revenue. 

Attracting and converting potential clients into paying ones is no simple task, and it takes time—time that you likely don’t have as a busy lawyer. That said, you need new clients to remain in business. 

With our Smart Lead Tracking System, we manage your leads for you so you can spend your day focused on solving your current clients’ legal problems. 

Our services are available 24/7/365 so you can rest assured that our intake specialists will follow up promptly with any potential leads that fill out one of your online forms with an outbound call, text or email in order to start the lead nurturing process.   

2. Creates Better Client Experiences   

Smart Lead Tracking allows Alert Communications’ intake specialists to pick the conversation up right where the prospect left off, helping create that personalized experience you wish all new clients could receive. Good news is, they can!  

With our system, potential clients don’t have to explain their legal situation again and again. This attentiveness can go a long way in building rapport and a healthy attorney-client relationship from the start, and every time they call in.  

Smart Lead Tracking can make it easier to win potential clients’ trust from the very beginning. 

3. Improves Conversion Rates 

If your leads are not consistently turning into business opportunities—no matter how fertile your lead generation campaigns are—you are losing real money.  

Alert Communications’ Smart Lead Tracking System improves conversion rates by ensuring potential leads are properly nurtured and cared for, every step of the way. From the very start when they fill out a web form, to when they call in (and even if the call is dropped), they receive a personalized and attentive customer experience—drastically improving conversion rates.  

Get Started with Smart Lead Tracking 

Attracting, nurturing and capturing leads in order to convert them into paying clients is time-consuming, but an essential part of your law firm’s growth. Spending money on marketing campaigns is wasteful unless you have the proper system in place to convert those leads.  

You can boost the number of leads you convert using Alert’s Smart Lead Tracking solution and take back the time you need to complete other tasks.  

Learn more about Smart Lead Tracking and other services that can help your law firm grow. Click here to get started.      

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