Are you getting the best ROI from your marketing dollars? The fact is that not all calls come in when you’re office is available to answer and sometimes it’s just too much to deal with. If you’re missing new client calls, well that’s just lost marketing dollars. Attorney answering services can help you manage leads that come from television ads, billboards, business cards, radio spots, and your website.

Ideally, you’d love to have a have a live receptionist available 24/7 to field incoming leads and inquiries. You never know when a valuable lead from marketing could come in, even at 3 o’clock in the morning. Attorney answering services should be available after business hours, weekends, holidays, or 24/7 to schedule consultations or process intakes and patch qualified leads directly to the attorney anytime.

Legal marketing can drive a variety of potential clients, not all of them the best fit to be represented by your firm. Call center services with intake specialists will qualify these leads and weed out the ones that don’t have relevance. They can transfer qualified leads to the attorney right away. Unqualified leads can be delivered via text or email enabling the firms’ intake specialist’s final review. Additionally, consumers are becoming more and more comfortable with completing online lead forms. Routing these website lead forms directly to your attorney answering service can ensure that potential clients get a call back right away, anytime. If the consumer is filling out multiple forms, they may choose the firm who reached out first. These are just some of the ways a reputable attorney answering service can help.

Attorney answering services are trained in legal terminology to communicate intelligently with callers and answer their questions without having to escalate the call. Call center services employ Spanish-speaking agents to interact with a larger clientele and target an additional market.

Call center services can even help you keep track of how different legal marketing campaigns are performing. By inserting a question like “how did you hear about us?” into the call script, agents can record which marketing channels are most effective and where changes can be made.

Another perk of attorney answering services: flexibility and no contract required! If your firm needs a hand managing marketing leads, give our experienced representatives a call today.