If you’re thinking about outsourcing your law firm’s intake for the holidays, a call center for legal services is the best way to escape the office, while also maximizing your return on investment (ROI).

Not all call centers are truly specialized enough to handle law firm intake. A call center for legal services (specifically) is a service you can trust while you are away. Not to mention, it can do so much more than your average answering service.

Here are just a few reasons why hiring a legal call center is a must this holiday season.

Legal Phone Etiquette

It’s nerve-wracking to leave your invaluable leads in the hands of strangers—we get it! There are, no doubt, plenty of call answering services out there to take incoming calls for law firms.

Because of this, when you are researching legal call centers, make sure you find one that exemplifies superb legal phone etiquette.

This means the service continually trains its specialists to respond to leads with empathy and have copious knowledge of legal terminology in order to properly communicate with your potential clients.

Hire a company that practices and emphasizes legal phone etiquette on every call. Each and every lead is potential to bring in more business, which, with a call center for legal services, is possible even during the holiday season.

Customized Client Intake

Not every person who reaches out to your law firm is the same. Each incoming call or web lead is dealing with a unique situation.

For instance, one potential client who calls your firm might have recently been in an auto accident or another bit by a neighbor’s dog. Maybe the caller slipped and fell on ice while leaving the mall after hours of holiday shopping.

The intake form for each of these unique circumstances must be different, tailored to the specific accident or injury.

With a quality legal call center handling your intake, you should be able to customize each form so the intake specialist knows how to respond to your incoming leads, no matter what.

Contract Services

A legal call center offering contract services brings in more business to your firm, even if you are enjoying the holidays somewhere far away on an exotic island or in the mountains.

Partnering with the right call center for legal services can help you take potential clients from initial contact to having a signed retainer agreement, sometimes on the very first call.

The service should be able to send retainer contracts via text or email to maximize conversion rates.

E-sign (also known as electronic signatures), which every legal call center should utilize, helps keep leads engaged and get contracts signed quickly. This will keep your conversion rates up, even while you’re on holiday.

Transparency Reporting

When you come back from your relaxing holiday break, you’ll want to make sure the legal call center you hired nurtured your leads and truly helped maximize your marketing RIO.

Transparency reports can help you evaluate the call center and see how they did while you were away.

These reports should be customizable and essentially give you any information you may want, in whatever format you want, to ensure your money is well spent. These reports should be obtainable daily, weekly, or monthly, based on your preferences.

Reporting can also help you decide if you want to use the same call center next holiday season, or maybe you’ll decide to use them all year to handle your overflow and after-hours.

With a call center for legal services, you might even find that your lead capture rates and overall profits were higher than when your law firm handled intake on its own.

A Call Center for Legal Services You Can Trust

Alert Communications offers all of these services and more. We handle intake for thousands of law firms across the nation, and we’ve been doing it since 1965.

We love to help law firms grow, no matter the time of day or year—even on holidays! While you relax and enjoy family time this holiday season, you can trust your leads will be safe with us.