At Alert Communications, our goal is to help law firms succeed. One way we do this is through our resource center. Here, you will find a wide range of resources to help you improve your client intake and retention. By reading and implementing the strategies, you will have the knowledge and tools to continue to grow and expand your firm. Here are four examples from the growing list of over 15 resources we’ve created that we recommend using as your firm expands.

1. 10 Ways to Ensure Your Leads Are Not Lost in Your Next Mass Tort Campaign

Mass tort campaigns are a great way to grow your firm and build momentum. One big positive is they tend to generate a lot of leads. These leads can quickly become overwhelming to track, manage and filter out the right ones that your law firm is looking for. This guide helps streamline the process and ensure you are using your leads properly, with the ultimate goal of converting them into future customers.

2. Client Intake Scorecard

Is your client intake process up to par? The Client Intake Scorecard allows you to grade your intake process and ensure you are managing your client contacts properly. It will reveal the strengths and weaknesses your law firm possesses. Since client intake is critical to keep your firm growing and ensure you are properly reaching the clients who come to you through your marketing efforts, this resource is an invaluable part of our resource library.

3. How to Convert More of Your Personal Injury/Mass Tort Leads into Clients with Superior Intake Services

In this eBook, we walk you through the best practices of establishing and running a superior intake process. If you’ve used other resources in our library, like the scorecard, and found your intake process lacking, this resource will help you make it more effective. Improving your intake process helps with the initial contact with clients while converting more potential leads into customers. Overall, this will help you increase your bottom line.

4. How Alert Can Help Your Law Firm

Have you ever wondered how Alert Communications can help grow your law firm? Download How Alert Can Help Your Law Firm, a resource outlining specific ways our services help improve the effectiveness of your firm. This invaluable tool shows you the worth of partnering with Alert.

Alert Communications is constantly adding to its resource library and helping law firms maintain and master their call, intake and retainer services. As your law firm grows, these tailor-made resources will give you valuable information to help with your firms’ ROI. Are you curious to see more? Check out the resources page to see what Alert has to offer.