Like many companies, our team at Alert Communications spent the past year reflecting on questions that go beyond operations or revenue. The COVID-19 pandemic inspired us to take a closer look at our company’s core values and how we can better live up to them, every day. 

As such, we shifted the focus of our annual client appreciation program to reflect the true heart of Alert Communications. Rather than sending the usual house plant or gift basket, we instead launched a new corporate giving initiative and extended to each of our clients the opportunity to participate. 

As a token of our appreciation for our clients’ partnership, we made a donation in their names to one of the following organizations working to support Americans in need throughout the past year. Together, we donated: 

  • $4,400 to Feeding America: A United States hunger relief organization whose foodbanks have worked tirelessly to meet ongoing and increased demand due to the pandemic.  
  • $1,700 to American Red Cross: With a workforce that’s 90 percent volunteer, the organization’s blood plasma donation drives directly aid hospitalized COVID-19 patients. (A special shoutout to the team at Chisholm Chisholm & Kilpatrick for matching our donation to the American Red Cross.) 
  • $520 to Get Us PPE: A nonprofit whose mission is to provide personal protective equipment (PPE) to U.S. healthcare and frontline workers, schools and natural disaster survivors.  

Since many of our clients have a heart for a specific cause, we also donated a total of $1,100 to the following organizations:  

  • Anti-Defamation League 
  • Down Syndrome Association of Greater Cincinnati  
  • The Stuttering Foundation  
  • Healing Grove Health Center  
  • STRIDE Community Health Center  
  • Eastern Illinois Foodbank  
  • Catholic Charities Legal Services, Archdiocese of Miami, Inc.  
  • Southern Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault  
  • Los Angeles Trial Lawyers’ Charities 
  • Operation Underground Railroad 
  • St. Mary’s Home for Disabled Children 

Thanks to our amazing clients’ participation, we donated a total of $7,720 to 14 different organizations answering the call to help in our country and community.