Like many law firms, you likely make significant investments in marketing campaigns to drive lead generation. In return, you expect higher client conversions and great marketing return on investment (ROI). Unfortunately, even if you’re able to acquire a large number of new leads, your intake process could be holding you back.

To ensure you receive a high marketing ROI, you need to have the tools and resources to immediately capture every incoming lead and convert them into new cases. Below are five tips you can use to achieve this goal.

1. Hire Trained, Dedicated Intake Specialists

With one receptionist handling all your calls, you face a high potential for new leads to slip through the cracks. As they handle many competing tasks throughout their workdays, receptionists simply cannot dedicate enough time and attention to nurturing your leads.

When people reach out to your law firm, they expect to receive an instant response and expert support or they will keep shopping around until they do. You can keep them engaged with your law firm by hiring trained intake specialists. Their ability to nurture your leads in a professional and efficient way will help boost your marketing ROI across the board.

2. Implement Overflow and After-Hours Support

When you run marketing campaigns that generate a high amount of calls, your onsite team may struggle to keep up. Furthermore, as soon as they are off the clock, the calls hit your voicemail – and your leads will continue calling other firms to get the support they need.

You can ensure that someone is always available to take the calls and nurture qualified leads by implementing overflow and after-hours support. A 24/7/365 live answering service can provide an instant response to every person who reaches out at all hours of the day and night.

3. Provide an Immediate Live Response

As people attempt to handle their legal troubles, they want to receive a live response that makes them feel at ease about the situation. When they receive prompt support from a dedicated team, they stop calling around to your competitors, looking for solutions.

Effective legal call centers, like Alert, can give your clients a response within just 15 seconds or fewer than three rings. They also provide immediate live outbound calls in response to web and chat inquiries. The quick response times not only boost your chances for conversions, but also increase your marketing ROI.

4. Track Every Lead That Comes Your Way

Your client intake process must include lead tracking to ensure you give every prospective client the support they deserve and need. With lead tracking, you have the ability to follow your leads through every phase of the client journey – from first contact to conversion. The information can be used to help your intake team follow up at critical stages and schedule appointments as needed.

Additionally, lead tracking can help you discover ways to improve your process and better care for the needs of your clients. By improving the overall client experience, you can increase conversions and thus boost your marketing ROI.

5. Use Convenient Contract Delivery Methods

The last, and often most critical, step in converting a lead into a client is the delivery and signing of the contract. To increase client conversions, you must aim to sign all qualified leads on the initial call – or you risk losing them to other firms.

You can achieve this by employing convenient contract delivery methods. At Alert, for example, we can send fee agreements via text, email and mail carrier to get these documents signed quickly and easily. This takes the stress and hassle out of the equation and increases conversion rates across the board.

Improve Your Law Firm Marketing ROI Today

When you partner with a trusted legal intake partner like Alert Communications, you can trust that your law firm marketing ROI will improve significantly. As we streamline your intake process and implement tools and customized solutions, you can better capture, nurture and convert your leads into paying clients. And as you sign on more clients, you are guaranteed to generate more revenue and a higher ROI for your firm.